Hand Sanitiser Gel

Carex antibacterial hand sanitiser gel contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.99% of bacteria. On a daily basis you’ll come into contact with germs and bacteria, from travelling on public transport, to working at your desk, walking your dog or after taking a tumble. We’re always on the go and we understand that you’ll not always be near to hand soap and running water which is why carrying a hand sanitiser gel can come in very useful. For the little ones we have our special Fun Editions Hand Sanitiser Gels featuring sweet smelling fragrances great for encouraging good hand hygiene.

Carex Hand Gels are now available in a family size bottle to protect all the family. That’s why we Carex.

Looking to buy in bulk?

Carex antibacterial hand sanitiser gel is available to buy directly from us in bulk quantities - ideal for businesses, sports clubs, care needs or large households.

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Hand Sanitiser Gel

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