Carex Creates

Get grubby in the garden and teach the little ones the importance of hand washing! Even if you have limited outdoor space or even none at all you can still get planting using yoghurt pots and make these fun cress heads!

You Will Need

– A yoghurt pot
– A handful of compost
– Cress seeds
– Some coloured pens or pencils


  1. Decorate your yoghurt pot any way you like, we gave our yoghurt pots smiley faces to make them happy!
  2. Fill the yoghurt pot with compost and add some cress seeds, about 3cm inside the compost and make sure they are covered with compost so the seeds are nice and cosy.
  3. Water them and then watch them grow- you will start to see shoots appearing after about a week.
  4. Don’t forget to wash those hands after your green fingered exploits!

Keeping little hands busy

Carex on the go!

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