Eco Refills

Our hand wash eco refills are an ideal and easy way to use less plastic and save money at the same time! The easy-to-use spout makes it simple to pour and refill your liquid hand soap dispenser at home, or reuse your plastic container and saving you money in the process. These handy refills are available in 500ml and 1000ml sizes, perfect for big and little bottles.  

Topping Up Is Easy

In fact, it’s never been easier. Before you pop your pump in the recycling you can use it over and over again. This is because our pumps will work long after you have used your bottle of handwash! So keep hold of your pump and simply pop it on top of our new Carex pumpless Eco refill bottle or keep filling your existing bottle with our Eco refill pouches, saving up to 85% less plastic (1L pouch vs 4 x 250ml bottles). 



We are on an important journey to reduce our plastic handprint, and to make our packaging as sustainable as possible. We’re still learning, but so far we have reduced the plastic in our bottles, our bottles are made from 30% PCR (recycled plastics) and we are the leading manufacturer of refills which use up to 85% less plastic.

REuse, not replace

We often hear the question “What do I do with my pump?”. We’re working on making our pump more recyclable and are constantly looking for new innovations to enable all of our packaging to be 100% recyclable. In the meantime did you know that you can use your pump over 10,000 times? That’s about a whole year’s worth of usage. 


We couldn’t do it without you. With your support of our eco promise, we’ve been able to keep making strides towards a cleaner, greener future. Thanks to your shared commitment to reuse and refilling, we’ve saved over 4 million pumps (and we’re still counting). From us at Carex, thank you – it (literally) means the world.

About Carex

We’ve been keeping hands healthy for 25 years as the UK’s favourite hand wash brand. We love family life and our product range is perfect for all the family, from a trusted brand in kitchen to keeping little hands and bodies clean after messy play. You can trust Carex to care care of your family’s hand hygiene needs so you can enjoy getting stuck into life.