Carex is extremely proud to become the new official sanitising partner of Manchester Airport, installing 116 hand-sanitiser units across their airport terminals to further support a safe return to flight travel as UK and international restrictions continue to ease. We want to help get Manchester moving again and feel confident to get back into travelling and exploring safely.

Manchester Airport

Throughout the pandemic, Manchester Airport has been committed to ensuring passengers and staff feel safe and secure at all times implementing the highest quality COVID-19 safety measures. Manchester Airport is the UK’s third busiest airport with a vast catchment area, home to 22 million people. It spans the North West of England, south to the Midlands, east across Yorkshire, west towards North Wales and north to the Scottish Borders.

Let’s Get Moving Again…

To celebrate the launch of our partnership we packed our bags, grabbed our sunnies and sanitiser ready to jet off somewhere exotic. Watch our video as we take the journey through Manchester Airport’s new Terminal Two extension.


We understand the prospect of travelling again can be daunting, which is why it is our mission to reassure the nation that they are in good hands with Carex hand sanitisers. Our Aloe Vera hand gel which contains 70% alcohol will be available for passengers to dispense as they’re travelling through Manchester Airport, taking one less worry off your mind so you can relax and unwind.