Carex Fun Edition Rainbow Fruits Antibacterial Hand Wash 250ml and 500ml

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Carex Fun Editions Rainbow Fruits antibacterial hand soap has been created to make hand washing fun. Bring some fun to your hand washing…our skin kind formula, combined with a special ‘Fun Edition’ Rainbow Fruits fragrance, cleans, cares and protects, so you and your family can get stuck into life. Trusted, expertly developed antibacterial formulation effectively removes dirt and grease. All round protection for healthy hands, big and small.

Roll up your sleeves and grab life with both hands with our expertly formulated hand wash. We’ve been caring for the nation’s hands for over 25 years, providing protection for you and your family every time you wash. Life’s a handful, but there’s nothing holding you back with Carex!

Making Hand Washing Fun: The Fun Edition Rainbow Fruits was created to make handwashing fun, our trusted, expertly developed formulation works in seconds. CLEANS: Gently removes dirt and grease. CARES: Kind and gentle formulation. PROTECTS: All round protection for healthy hands big and small
Antibacterial Hand Wash: Our experts have taken care to develop a caring antibacterial liquid soap to help protect all hands. Embrace life and all its messy moments safe in the knowledge Carex is right behind you to get everyone cleaned up.
Multipack: Available in packs of 6, our eco hand wash bottles are 100% recyclable with a reusable design and pump. Once you’ve finished your soap, simply refill your bottle using our liquid soap refill packs to help reduce the amount of plastic used.
Skin Kind Formula: Our experts have developed a skin kind formula to effectively remove dirt and grease helping to leave hands feeling hygienically clean and cared for. Trust the UK’s No.1 Hand Wash brand to help clean, care and protect hands so you and your family can feel free to live life hands on.
The Fun Editions Range: Discover our range of Fun Editions Hand Wash, Hand Cleansing Gels and Shower Gel. Designed with special Fun Edition fragrances, these sweet smelling formulas help to care and protect hands.