Enjoy your favourite Hand wash while reducing your plastic waste

We know that lots of you are trying to reduce your plastic footprint and we hear you! Our refill pouches have been designed to help you use your favourite Carex Handwash over and over again!

Small steps can make a big difference

We want to ensure that our products have a positive impact on the world, and we understand we have a responsibility to strive to be more sustainable and to reduce the impact of the packaging materials that we use.

Our Carex refills are a hugely positive step in our journey. The refill pouches contain 85% less plastic compared with four 250ml Carex Pump Packs.


Our refills are widely recyclable at a number of supermarket collection points across the UK along with other flexible plastics.

To recycle your refill, first remove the spout, then its ready to take down to your collection point.

You can find your nearest location on the map below.